The principals and employees at Glastonbury Capital are driven by a commitment to excellence
that is firmly founded on the following key drivers:

Industry Knowledge — With more than 50 million square feet of property acquired, managed, and/or developed, the management at Glastonbury Capital has earned an industry reputation for astutely identifying new opportunities and innovatively managing properties to maximize revenues while squeezing cost and inefficiency to the benefit of its tenants, partners, and investors. 

Principal Accessibility — Glastonbury benefits from key industry relationships with a strong network of sellers, brokers, and public and private corporations that aid in identifying new opportunity.

Integrity & Professionalism — Adhering as a corporate and personal ethic to the old fashion values of honesty and relationships, Glastonbury is driven to maintain the highest levels of integrity and professionalism. 

Written reports & Appropriate Financial Modeling — Glastonbury’s properties are managed to the highest standards.  The Company provides audit level reporting to GAAP accounting requirements.  It places an absolute premium on transparency. 

Research, Idea Generation, & Investment Selection — Glastonbury’s success is not an accident, but is the convergence of innovation and discipline.  The company is pushing to drive innovation in all that it does, while maintaining prudence and discipline in the deployment of capital. 

Tenant Centric Operations — Glastonbury’s key partnerships, of course, are with its tenants.  The company prides itself on providing a strong, personal focus of the business needs and growth opportunities of its tenants.  With a tenant base including Fortune 500 companies, international companies doing business in the United States, and small entrepreneurs, Glastonbury understands the critical importance of timely, cost effective tenant solutions. 

Too many real estate developers only interact – usually through lawyers – with tenants during the beginning of leases or when there is a problem. Glastonbury has embraced another way:  putting tenants first. The company believes in the imperative for a continued and sustained dialogue throughout the relationship and at every level to better understand its customers’ business needs and objectives, and so it can help its tenants enhance efficiency and reduce costs while growing revenues and market share.  Glastonbury’s goal and unique approach is to work in partnership to grow its tenants.

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