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Industrial, commercial and mixed use real estate acquisition and development

Cash flowing opportunities characterized by solid returns realized through new investment and development

Partnering with funds, institutions, and individual sources of capital to acquire new opportunities in the U.S.

An established track record of turning distressed, mismanaged, or impaired properties into successful developments

A history of outstanding results.


Glastonbury Capital LLC was a major contributor to the ULI Information Series "Navigating Real Estate Industry Turmoil"



Glastonbury Capital

About Us

Glastonbury Capital LLC is a real estate investment and development company specializing primarily in the acquisition and management of hub and gateway industrial properties.  Its tenants are global leaders in manufacturing, distribution, assembly, and trade. 

The company has a reputation providing management transparency and accountability to its domestic and overseas investors.  Its properties are managed to the highest standards and the Company provides audit level reporting to GAAP accounting requirement. 

Glastonbury's disciplined approach to acquiring income producing properties provides a solid foundation for its investors and owners seeking stable returns, yet affords the potential for significant growth through new construction and development. At a time of constricting global economies and shrinking stock portfolios, Glastonbury structures successful partnerships for institutions, high net worth individuals, and sovereign investors within the Americas. 

With an intense focus and disciplined ownership, Glastonbury Capital brings hands-on management and a universe of best practices to every new development with the aim of enhancing value and maximizing returns through streamlined, more efficient, more accountable, and more transparent management and ownership.



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